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Alignment of aims, purpose and values between staff, teams and organization is the most fundamental aspect of motivation.  Incentive theory is promoted by behavioral psychologists , such as B.F. Skinner Incentive theory is especially supported by Skinner in his philosophy of Radical behaviorism , meaning that a person`s actions always has social ramifications: and if actions are positively received people are more likely to act in this manner, or if negatively received people are less likely to act in this manner.The Human Motivation Research Group is a pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training program focused on the motivational analysis of human behavior.  Motivational models are central to game design , because without motivation, a player will not be interested in progressing further within a game 105 Several models for gameplay motivations have been proposed, including Richard Bartle`s Jon Radoff has proposed a four-quadrant model of gameplay motivation that includes cooperation, competition, immersion and achievement.
The Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame - biographies of such motivational speakers as: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Les Brown, Stephen Covey, John Gray, Richard Carlson, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Barbara Deangelis, Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen, Og Mandino, and a host of others that make up some of the most talented in the public speaking industry - past and present.Dominant Source of Motivation- While motivation in itself is not a dispositional variable, that there is no single internal variable termed motivation level within individuals that is consistent across situations and time, there are a number of dispositional variables, such as values and self concept, that interact with situations in predictable ways to produce what often appears to a consistent level of motivation.